Landscape Lighting – Adding Ambiance to Your Property

Landscape lighting

Add Ambiance with Landscape Lighting

With spring rapidly approaching in the Northeast, we will want to spend as much time as possible outside. Consider installing landscape lighting in strategic locations to enhance your property while giving you more outdoor time. Designed to work with the layout of your patio and yard, landscape lighting can extend your indoor environment outside, giving you a more usable and enjoyable living area.

Before you select your lighting, come up with a plan for how you want your yard to appear, keeping both safety and visibility in mind. Lighting can be added to direct people to where they should walk and to add ambiance and safety to your property. If people can see your pathways or where the terrain of your yard changes, they can move around in the space with much more ease and confidence. With landscape lighting in place, you, your family and your guests can comfortably maneuver your outdoor living area as if it were an extension of your indoor living space.

There are many options available for your outdoor lighting project. Consult with a landscape lighting design professional who can advise you on what type of lighting should be used for each area, such as solar or hardwired, to get the look and ambiance you want. They can help you place lights to highlight the strengths of your yard and redirect attention from the less graceful areas of your property. With the right lighting design, you can create a space that can be enjoyed all summer long.

You will want a plan that includes different types of lighting, such as:

  • Uplighting – for illuminating objects as trees, shrubs, your house and various other plants situated above the general landscape plane.
  • Patio and walkway lighting – for ensuring people can safely walk around your property.
  • Flood lights – to ensure safety and visibility for an area that has activities such as a playground or cooking area.

Lighting your yard is not only practical but it allows you to creatively augment your property so that it gracefully stands out in your neighborhood. Your plan should ensure that your lighting is appropriate for each location so you don’t have overly bright or distracting lights in the wrong locations.

Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful addition to any home. Landscape lighting can help to make these spaces both practical and artistically pleasing so that you can eat, drink, and relax outside, well into the evening hours.

How are you planning to enhance and extend your living space?

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