Home Security Lighting – Preventive Measures to Protect Your Home

Home Security Lighting - Safety, Security and Beauty

Home Security Lighting – Safety, Security and Beauty

One of the important aspects of being a homeowner is making sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible. While some of the simple things, such as locking your doors and securing your windows may seem like no-brainers, outdoor security lighting can be just as important. Whereas locks and other measures stop a burglary in progress, well-placed security lighting serves to both deter would-be criminals and provide you with safe passage when navigating the outside of your home. Here are a few things to think about when installing home security lighting:

Include Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are able to detect motion through the use of passive infrared technology. This will both give you an early warning that someone may be near your home, as well as shock any prowlers when they get too close to their home.

Enhance Surveillance

In addition to bringing light to shadows and increasing the visibility around your home, an outdoor lighting system can be a huge help to surveillance cameras. There are many cases where otherwise perfect videos have been ruined because there was insufficient lighting. If your home has a surveillance system, make sure that the areas that are being monitored are well-lit at night to ensure that you get high quality footage.

Utilize Smart Timers

One of the main purposes of your security lighting is to make your home look as occupied as possible, especially when it is not. In order to facilitate this, consider placing all of your security lighting on a timer so that it turns on and off at specified time. To further secure your home, use timers on a handful of interior lights as well, to make it look as if people are inside.

Choose Professional Installation

While there are many DIY kits out there to install, having your system professionally installed can make a world of difference. The first thing that you will notice about a professional system is that the quality of equipment is much higher. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, having your lighting professionally installed will ensure that it is properly connected to a reliable power source. Because your lighting is useless without this power, so it pays to make sure that both the primary and secondary power sources are good to go.

Where Should I Illuminate?

One of the biggest questions that most people have is where they should illuminate. The simple rule is this: illuminate all dark, shadowed areas around your home. This includes any nooks and crannies. That being said, there are several places that typically benefit from home security lighting. Garages, for example, are a common place to install motion-sensor activated security lights. These lights, when properly adjusted, will turn on whenever a vehicle or person enters your driveway, illuminating your path. Doorways, porches and other entryways are also ideal for the installation of security lighting. Whether you are installing more motion activated lights, or always on spots, it is important to keep these areas illuminated at night.

Home Security Lighting – Safety, Security and Beauty

Lighting up important areas of your home, such as your garage doors and entryways can go a long way toward improving the safety and security of your home. On the one hand, doing so can very likely deter anyone who considers breaking into your home. On the other hand, security lighting will also light your way when entering your home at night, helping you avoid trips and falls. It may even make it easier to find the keyhole when opening your front door.

Have you installed exterior lighting to increase your overall security and safety?

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