Home Entertainment Wiring – Eliminating the Tangled Mess

Home Entertainment Wiring

Wiring your home entertainment center to eliminate wiring clutter

By the time you get home with a new home theater system, unpack all of the components, and put it all together, you typically don’t have too much energy left to tackle some of the smaller projects. Although it is often neglected, home entertainment wiring is an important project that can make the finished product look like it is worth all of the money that you spent on it. Depending on how badly you want your cables to be hidden, this can be as simple or as extensive of a process that you make it. One thing is certain; your entire setup will look much cleaner and more professional once you are done.

Organizing Cables

The first step to eliminating visible wires in your entertainment system is to organize them. If you have a fairly basic setup, a bit of housekeeping could be all that you need. Use cable ties, cord catchers and other cord organizers to bundle your cables together if you have an entertainment center with an open back. You can then run each bundle of cables behind your components, table legs or other obstructions so that they are less visible.

If you have a console with a closed back, your job is even easier. You can use cable tacks and screw hooks on the back side of your entertainment center to both organize and hide your cables.

Home Entertainment Wiring – Hiding Cables

Once you have organized all of your cables, you may need to employ a little ingenuity to properly hide them. While a lot of this depends on the type of setup that you have, there are many helpful tools and additions that can help out.

If your TV is mounted on the wall, for example, there are many products out there designed to hide the cables that you would normally just run up your wall. Instead, you can cleverly run them behind specially designed corridors that can be painted to match the color of your wall. There are also many cable runners designed to fit on a variety of styles of desks and entertainment centers. If you are having trouble hiding your cables, there is sure to be a solution that will work for you.

Relocating Your Components

For the maximum elimination of all visible wires, you can opt to hide not only your unsightly cables, but all of your equipment as well. In order for this to work, you need a closet or other area that you can designate for your home theater system. You will also need to run additional receptors to each unit to ensure that your remotes continue to function.

If you have decided to hide all of your cables behind a wall, you will be left with a very minimal, and aesthetically pleasing setup. When done properly, a wall-mounted television is all you need out in the open. Keep in mind, however, that this type of setup is very intensive, requiring you to run wires and cables through your walls in order for your home theater system to work in the way that you would like it to. If you are not familiar with how to do this, work with a professional electrician to run the proper wiring so that you don’t end up damaging your valuable electrical components.

In the end, the extent to which you hide your wires depends on the overall look that you are going for. While the minimal, completely hidden setup may appeal to some, others prefer to keep their gaming systems, Blu-Ray players and other equipment close at hand. Regardless of your desired setup, eliminating the clutter of unsightly wires can make the entire room seem less messy and more functional.

Which method of home entertainment wiring would you choose? Organized chaos or totally hidden?

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