Electrical Wiring for Home Additions

Installing electricity for home additions is one of the jobs that rise to the top during the Spring season in Massachusetts; Oh, and overlaps to the Summer and Fall as electrical contractors’ schedules fill up quickly.

Once the weather improves, Massachusetts home owners are eager to start their home addition projects, and, we at Local Electrical Services Inc are prepared to respond. We know the struggle it is to get just the right team together, and we hope that you choose us to be a part of your team. (Remember, we are the electrical contractors who call back immediately!)

During our 40+ years as electricians, we have installed electrical systems for many different types of home additions. Whether you are adding living space, creating a play area for your children, expanding your kitchen, adding a workroom, gym, three-season porch, or in-home theater, we have the experience to do the electrical work required. We know about building codes, the typical location and types of electrical to be installed, and, we’ll get you safely wired up.

Electrical Wiring Requirements for your Home Addition

The electrical wiring requirements for your home addition start with the type of home addition. There are electrical components that are typically installed. We know those, and, our professional electricians go a step further and talk with you about how you envision the space being used.

For example, you are adding a gym. Now tell us where in the room the exercise, weight lifting, walking on the treadmill, and spinning will take place. Which wall will be covered with mirrors, and are they floor-to-ceiling mirrors?

You don’t have to worry about 115v, 125v and 220 volts. You just need to share with us:

  • the must-have locations of any particular electrical outlets/controls
  • the location of the T.V., computer, electrical fireplace, jacuzzi, Peleton system, and the like
  • the type of lighting you chose: recessed lights, track lighting, pendant lights, global and ceiling-hugging lights
  • types and vendors of ceiling fans
  • electronic security requirements
  • electronic shade controls
  • All the SMART home features you want

Do you need an Electrical Panel Upgrade for your Home Addition?

Once we understand how you’ll use the space, we’ll make an informed recommendation about whether your electrical panel needs an upgrade. Your electrical panel is the brain center for all the electricity throughout your home, and it is where the circuit breakers live. Upgrading an electrical panel requires a licensed electrician.

Protect your home and prevent personal injury by hiring a professional electrical contractor like Local Electrical Services Inc today!

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